mercoledì 2 luglio 2014

Lewis Motors cars do not pass NCT

Last year i had the misfortune of buying a car from the notorious scumdealer on the Old Bray Road, Cabinteely: Lewis Motors. Well, unsurprisingly, the car didn't pass the NCT.

Maybe think twice before buying from this dealer. Rip off guaranteed.

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Car Dealer Review - Lewis Motors

Since the dealer does not have the decency to leave a bad review there when he deserved it, and he deleted his own pages from every review site just to hide the truth of what happened, i decided to open this blog and leave my unabridged review of Lewis Motors forever online.

Had he left the review there i wouldn't have bothered opening a blog, but it's important that people know that he doesn't have a bad online reputation just because he won't allow bad reviews to be published.

Sold me a Wreck

Although he won't admit it (but he offered to fix it so...) he sold me a wreck. I call a wreck a car that:

  • drops the engine the next day the warranty is expired (problem was luring there since day one)
  • has oil leaks (since day one)
  • water pump is broken
  • doesn't start
  • flat tire, tire goes flat every 200km (since day one)
  • rear window heater is broken (since day one, but found out only with colder weather)
  • several electronic faults (since day one)
  • boot lock got broken after 4 months
  • struggle to open rear doors (since day one)
  • back seat doesn't pull down (since day one, found out first time i went to ikea and couldn't load stuff)

Early troubles

Engine mount collapses, mechanic said whoever last worked on my car didn't bother to tighten the bolts. Meaning, Lewis Motors doesn't even check what he sells. He just buy cars off main dealers and resell them to you. No check. Had to replace the water pump as well which was damaged in the process.

Customer Care

Went there two times, first time his mechanic didn't even check the car. It was more important getting home in time than wasting two mins with a (ex) customer. Basically he laughed at me. Second time the dealer apologises and nothing happens.

The first review

So i publish, for the first time, a bad review online. The dealer, blackmailed by the review, misteriously offers to fix whatever there was to fix. He said he had another mechanic fix the oil leak (his mechanic was probably busy getting home) for 150€. I can't verify this, no receipt was shown, i only know that i have to fill 1 liter oil every month. For me the leak is still there. Dishonest to the bone.

Just one week later

Car still has problems to start. Warning lights are blinking again and error code is again INSP1 (i later discovered the meaning of that code, it's been there since day one). One day i try to start it and i hear a big boom. Don't know that the hell happend. I keep trying and five minutes later the car starts. Never happened again.

I put back the bad review

Did i mention that Lewis Motors offered help just to get rid of the bad review? Yes, i removed the bad review because it seemed fair since he helped (fixing? the oil leak). But just one week later the car shows again as the wreck it is, so i put back the review. He deleted my review. WTF? So i publish it to another website. Deleted again. WTF? At some point he decides to delete his online presence altogether, just to avoid you people to know the truth. He will eventually reappear on other websites a few days later. He will never disappear from this website.


So the conclusion is don't buy Lewis Motors! I spent more that 600€ to fix the fucking wreck he sold me and still it's not over. One should have the decency to leave bad reviews online when he deserves them. These are the straight unaltered facts, as they happened, he can't deny he gave me a lemon. Or have all his customers spent one grand to fix their cars?